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Innocent Meat

Pig myosatellite cells

Pig myosatellite cells

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  • Tissue source: muscle derived
  • Species: pig
  • Breed: German country pig, called meat pig is significantly longer than other breeds because of an extra rib and has more meat to offer, in particularly high amounts of muscle meat.
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  • Product descritpion and information

    Porcine myosatellite cells were successfully extracted from pig
    muscle tissue using enzymatic digestion, followed by cultivation in
    tissue culture flasks before undergoing cryopreservation. These cells
    have been verified to maintain active proliferation for at least 3
    consecutive passages, adhering to provided instructions and employing
    the recommended cell culture medium. Furthermore, these cells have been
    rigorously screened and have shown no signs of mycoplasma contamination.

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Animal Information

Species: Pig, Porcine, Sus scrofa

Tissue source: Muscle-derived

Vial and Storage Information

Vial properties: 1 mL Matrix cryovial

Product format: Frozen

Cell concentration: 500,000 cells in 0.5 mL

Storage conditions: Vapour phase liquid nitrogen

Mycoplasma: Not detected

Recommended Culture Conditions

Culture mode: Adherent

Growth conditions: 37 °C, 5% CO₂

Cell Media: Innocent Meat Expansion Media


For research use