Innocent Meat is the first German start-up, which aims to produce Cultured Meat in Germany, make it commercially viable and available to anybody.


The production of our meat uses 65% less resources than traditional meat production.

Healthy & Delicious

Our meat is healthier than regular meat because it is made free of fattening antibiotics, is low in cholesterol and grows in a controlled environment.

Without Killing

Our meat comes without killing animals. We cultivate cell collections from living animals: biological real meat, cultivated in controlled media.

Who are we?

Our team is a synergetic mix of entrpeneurs, innovators, researchers and biotechs, all of whom have one thing in common: we love meat, but today's production lines are no longer contemporary. Researchers have shown that it works differently, so we do it:
Laura Gertenbach

Laura Gertenbach

Management & Marketing

Laura loves good meat. She grew up with agriculture, has experience in meat retail business and has already founded several times. With Innocent Meat she wants to put an end to mass livestock farming.

Dr. Philipp Wolters

Dr. Philipp Wolters

Management & Research

Philipp lives interdisciplinarity and likes to try out everything himself. That's why he has among other things founded a start-up for local and handcrafted sausages. With Innocent Meat he takes the next logical step in the future of meat production.


1. Platz Bio-Gründer Wettbewerb 2018

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Majakowskistr. 51, 18059 Rostock, Germany

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