Cultivating muscle fibres without FBS

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) was used in the past, in the field of tissue engineering as a supplement for cell feed (also known as cell culture media) due to its richness in nutrients and growth factors. However, it is neither ethical nor sustainable to use this animal component. Our founder is molecular farming expert and dedicated himself to the removal of FBS in biotechnology long before founding the company. During the last months, Innocent Meat has developed its own FBS-free proliferation and differentiation media to make cultivated pork meat. We produce own growth factors in crops to replace FBS in our cell media.

It has previously been notoriously difficult to differentiate precursor cells for pork fat and muscle. Innocent Meat is on the road to develop delicous meat without a need for mass breeding and slaughtering. Stem Cells are growing inside of closed systems comparable to brewery tanks. After they were grown to the needed biomass, we teach the cells to become real muscle and fat tissue.

Differentiated muscel porcine cells

 Porcine muscel tissue

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