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Innocent Meat

Serum Free Expansion Cell Media for Porcine Primary Muscle Cells

Serum Free Expansion Cell Media for Porcine Primary Muscle Cells

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Pairs well with our porcine primary cells (muscle)
  • Serum-free FBS replacement
  • Suitable for primary and immortalized cells
  • High-performing, delivering reproducible results


We are unlocking the power of the bio-economy by ensuring the scalability of world-changing technologies such as regenerative medicine and cellular agriculture. Specifically designed for improved bioavailability and stability in 3D, large-scale cell culture applications.

Synonym: Proliferation Cell Media, Expansion Media, serum-free for porcine primary muscle cells.

Quantity: 500ml

Origin: The expansion media is produced in our laboratories in Rostock, Germany.

Species: porcine and bovine primary cells

Performance: high expansion rates

Safety: Currently for R&D Use only!

Contact us directly for large bulk industry production quantities.

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  • High cell expansion 

    A. Morphology of porcine satellite cells when cultured in Innocent Meat Serum-free Expansion Media (ADVSCEM04-SF) across 96 hrs.

  • Qualitative analysis of myogenic State

    B, C. Porcine satellite cells exhibit the presence of key myogenic markers (PAX7 and Myf5) when grown in Serum-containing (B) and Serum-free (C) media.

  • Quantitative analysis of myogenic state

    D, E. Porcine Satellite cells show comparable levels of PAX7 and Myf5 when grown in either Serum-containing (D) or Serum-free (E) media.

    • Product descritpion and information

      Primary pig (porcine) muscle cells have been isolated from
      muscle tissue of pigs. Cell isolations were carried out with enzymatic digestion followed by culture in tissue culture flasks prior to cryopreservation. 

      Cells have been confirmed to proliferate for a minimum of 4 passages following the instructions provided and
      using recommended cell culture media.  Cells have tested negative for

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    Animal Information

    Species: Pig, Porcine, Sus scrofa

    Tissue source: Muscle-derived

    Vial and Storage Information

    Vial properties: 1 mL Matrix cryovial

    Product format: Frozen

    Cell concentration: 500,000 cells in 0.5 mL

    Storage conditions: Vapour phase liquid nitrogen

    Mycoplasma: Not detected

    Recommended Culture Conditions

    Culture mode: Adherent

    Growth conditions: 37 °C, 5% CO₂

    Cell Media: Innocent Meat Expansion Media


    For research use