More Freedom. Less Effort.

If you were able to break the reliance on animal agriculture and secure your supply chain - whilst saving money and time? Wouldn't you do it?

Every Revolution Starts Small. Ours With 6 SQM Of Space

It doesn't take a lot to change a lot: One bioreactor equipped with our smart AI requires only 6 sqm of space and produces roughly one metric ton of cultured minced meat per week (which is equivalent to ≈ 30 pigs).

The System Grows With You

We design our cultured meat production system as a smooth plug-and-produce solution, which can be scaled in size and output volume at any time. This way your cultured meat prodcution easily adapts to your needs.

Meat Production Has Never Been Easier

We build a cultured meat production system for your regular meat factory workers. It does not require specific knowledge in the field of cultured meat. Our software monitors and controls the entire production process: From the exponential cell growth to the cell differentiation into fat and muscle tissue. Every aspect is fully automated in order to make production smooth and easy for conventional meat processors.

Let Patrick Show You the Magic Behind

Learn more about the biotechnological cultivation process

Including The Complete Supply Chain

We deliver all biological ingredients, relevant to the cultured meat production (stem cells, scaffolds & cell media) in ready to use bags, which only need to be in the bioreactors. This concept provides you with a true plug-and-produce solution and insures, that there is no time consuming preparation or cleaning involved.

The Output: A Real Game Changer

Our out-of-the-box solution enables you to produce your own cultured meat in-house and to process it direclty, e.g. in your proper production line for burger patties, sausages or other convenience meat products.

100% real meat & 100% cruelty free


  • Manufacturing Hardware Innocent Meat

    Manufacturing Hardware

    Including bioreactors and cell media filtration systems.

  • Software monitoring cultured meat production

    Smart AI driven Software

    Managing the entire production process.

  • Read to use bags

    Ready-to-use Bags

    Including all bio-ingredients needed for the production process.

  • Your Benefits

  • More freedom, efficiency and safteyin your production.

  • ✓ A flexible production that adapts perfectly to your needs.

  • ✓ A smooth transition to a sustainable and successful future

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"However, this doesn't prevent animal suffering, right?"

To find the answer to this and other important questions, please check our FAQ - but to spoil the surprise: Yes it does!

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