Safe and animal free

Crops Are Perfect Bioreactors

We support industries changing the way we think of food and health— using crops as bioreactors in a powerful, proprietary system to drive real innovation in cultured meat and stem cell applications.

Our versatile production platform uses the transient and stable expression, and a data-driven approach to develop and produce faster and cost-effective a new generation of proteins.

  • Recombinant protein reinvented: we design a new generation of animal-free biomolecules that suit your large-scale needs.

  • Diverse

    From growth factors to complex proteins, we manufacture a wide range of proteins.

  • Plant-Derived

    Endotoxin and pathogen-free, high activity and cost-effective.

  • Cost-effective

    Our ultra-scalable bioproduction platform Faba.Bio accelerates mass production and increases yields, while driving down costs.

  • We grow recombinant proteins from R&D to the mass market, defining a clean production process, whether you’re lab-scale or large-scale.

  • Cultured Meat and Food Applications

  • Cell & Gene Therapy (R&D) Applications