Get to know us.

Laura Gertenbach

CEO & Co-founder

Laura grew up in the agricultural business. Within her family business, she founded an organic meat business, a Christmas tree business, and a headhunter for MINT professionals. Laura believes machines and algorithms can help solve pressing environmental problems. She has a degree in Business Informatics with a focus on machine learning, AI & ERP systems, and a B.A in Business Administration.


Patrick Nonnenmacher

CTO & Co-founder

Patrick is specializing in the chemical production of nutrients and cell cultivation/ bioprocessing in the field of cell therapy at a biotech company. He has a degree in M.Sc. Biochemistry focused on protein engineering in plants and is a passionate american foot ball player





Philipp Drescher, Phd

Senior Biotech Engineer

Philipp Drescher is a structural and biomedical engineer with a PhD in additive manufacturing. He has experience in the development of medical diagnostic devices, functional implants and novel manufacturing processes. He is now focused on developing protein-based scaffolds and scaling solutions. Aside from being passionate about food, he is also an enthusiastic golf player






Anand Ramani, Phd

Senior Stem Cell Scientist

Anand Ramani is Stem cell scientist, primarily experienced in working with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. He completed his PhD in Drosophila biology and pursued his post doctoral research in modelling human neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders using Stem Cell derived human brain organoids. He is currently engaged in isolation, purification and expansion of muscle stem cells/ Mesenchymal Stem cells and optimisation of Cell culture media. Besides science, he is a hardcore PC gamer.



Simone Krueger

Senior Upstream Scientist

Simone has a Master's degree in medical biotechnology and is currently pursuing a PhD in biophysical stimulated cartilage regeneration. She supports us as a research assistant in the field of cell cultivation and immortalisation of satellite and mesenchymal stem cells.







We’re growing a diverse team of problem solving food lovers




Biologists, engineers, researchers, meat-lovers. All united aiming to enable food producers to opt for the smooth clean meat transition, so everybody can enjoy responsible eating.