We Don't Just Create Meat, We Create The Future

With our holistic and automated plug-and-produce solution for cultured meat production.

The Problem

We Can't Continue The Status Quo

How do you efficiently and humanely feed eight billion people without destroying the planet? The big challenge is to meet the protein needs of a growing world population while at the same time no longer burdening the climate and natural resources to the same extent as before. The actual problems we are already facing in meat production will take our planet beyond its limits.

For The Future, There Are Two Options

Either we stop meat consumption altogether or we significantly reduce meat consumption. Another option is that we change the way we produce the meat. We aim to change the production method for a more responsible and sustainable meat consumption.

With our plug-and-produce system, we enable meat processors to move away from conventional animal agriculture practices and towards the efficient in-house production of cultured meat.

  • The Impact

    Nearly half of the world’s land surface area is used for animal agriculture. The waste from those farms is a leading cause of pollution.

    Now imagine a world where real meat is produced sustainably without the need to breed, raise, and slaughter animals.

    Once our cells are immortalised, no animal has to be used in any way ever again. This means lab-grown meat is completely free of animal products and can be created only with sources from plants in a sustainable manner. 

Loving Meat Is Not The Problem. The Problem Is How It Is Made.

We Do Not Just Look For The Answer. We Develop It

The Paris Agreement’s climate target is impossible without a protein transition. We believe that Cultured Meat makes a significant contribution for a better future. Instead of gowing our own cell-based meat, we went further, creating a robust and holistic solution to enable meat producers own cultured meat production.

Sounds Good? It's Getting even Better

Learn how our "Farm Out Of The Box" concept of a complete supply chain for cultured meat production saves meat processors time, money and ressources.

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