Plants as a recombinant protein expression platform

Introducing Innocent Meats bioplant platform FABA.BIO for large scale recombinant animal protein production.

Cell-based meat production requires specific animal proteins, among them cellular growth factors that are required for the growth, maintenance, and differentiation of the cells that will become that delicious steak. Currently, those growth factors are derived from animals, which defeats the purpose of growing cell-based meat. Growth factors are also expensive. As a result, the manufacture of growth factors limits the growth of the cell-based meat industry.

Plants can serve as expression platforms like microorganisms used as recombinant protein hosts. This may require minimal processing into value-added ingredients, such as egg and dairy functional proteins. Plants offer scalability with less need for expensive downstream purification to isolate proteins of interest from inedible or undesirable hosts.

Molecular farming development has historically focused on developing pharmaceutical therapeutic end products (e.g., antibodies, antigens, enzymes). Now we transfer this technology to produce alternative animal proteins. Because of the possibility of open field production, molecular farming could create proteins at a much larger scale and with substantially lower infrastructure costs and constraints than microbial precision fermentation. Furthermore, adding valuable ingredients to crops that have uses in alternative protein or other industries can promote zero-waste economies through whole crop valorisation.

Bioplant platform FABA.BIO for large scale recombinant animal protein production

Innocent Meat uses plants rather than microbes because plants require less expensive equipment to grow and harvest, are easier to maintain, and are more scalable. Molecular farming is unlikely to experience the severe infrastructure and manufacturing capacity constraints currently facing the microbial fermentation sector to produce recombinant proteins and growth factors for cultured meat or alternative protein.

Innocent Meat develops a scalable platform that can massively increase production yields of recombinant proteins and massively increase extraction efficiencies.

Our power plant to produce scalable recombinant animal proteins are fabaceaes


Recombinant animal proteins for cell-based meat


Fabaceaes has a wide range of excellent agronomic traits:

  • It requires little water and fertilizer,
  • Its genome is well characterized,
  • proteins can be stored in fruit organelle,
  • harvesting with conventional harvesters 

We’re currently using our molecular farming technology to produce growth factors to pathway industrial cultured meat production. 

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