• One mission is to disrupt the meat industry by enbaling meat processors to produce cultured meat directly in-house. This is challenging and exciting at the same time.

  • We are a committed team of biologists, engineers, researchers and meat lovers with an ambitious goal. Working hard on innovation that will have a huge positive global impact on the meat industry, enviroment and health.

  • We are working on something big - join our team and help to enable the alternative animal protein transition for the meat industry.

  • Changing everything is not an easy talk. We are working in a fast-paced and sometimes challenging environment. This is why we think that your work at Innocent Meat should be rewarding in every aspect.

  • Working At Innocent Meat Means

  • Self-Determination

    Enjoy a trustful work culture with flat hierachies, freedom and responsibility in your project with a strong focus on cost efficient product development. We offer you great opportunities for your professional development and your ideas.

  • Flexible Working Hours

    Our interdisciplinary team has an effective working system that allows flexible and efficient working hours. Due to our strong agricultural background, we build on a network of farmers and agritraders for sourcing and supply the raw materials we need for our biological ingredients.

  • A Supportive Team

    Our team comes from many different fields and cultures. We always help and understand each other to create a friendly environment. The high efficiency of our solution leads to price parity of cultured meat, compared to conventionally produced meat. This way we can all contribute easily to a more sustainable future.

  • Hi, my name is Simone. I am working as a Senior Upstream Scientist at Innocent Meat. In this position, I am responsible for upscaling our bioprocess to produce cultivated meat. Together with the team, working is incredibly exciting and inspiring - I love being part of Innocent Meat Next to changing the way we eat, I do fire-fighting sport. For me this is the perfect counterwork to my creative and intelectual work.

  • Hi, my name is Philipp and I am the Senior Biotech Engineer at Innocent Meat. I am responsible for developing and scaling our edible scaffolds to enhance cell growth and mouth feeling. I joined Innocent Meat to make the impossible possible. I am an enthusiastic cook and a passionate golf player.

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You want to disrupt the current status quo of the meat industry while impacting positive the future for all of us?