Innocent Meat raised EUR 3 million

Innocent Meat successfully closes EUR 3 million financing round

Innocent Meat has succeeded in realising EUR 3 million in financing in a challenging market environment. The investors include the anchor investor Venture Capital Fonds MV, which invested EUR 500 thousand, and a new private investor, which invested EUR 2.5 million. The fresh capital will enable the company to further develop the existing biocomponents, scale up the pilot plant and initiate the necessary certification processes.

Innocent Meat is striving for a complete solution for cultured meat production with an automated, end-to-end system. The young technology company from Rostock is one of the first to make it possible for any company to produce cultured meat itself. The aim of the cultured meat industry is to achieve price parity compared to conventional meat products.

Founded in 2020, the start-up has built up a highly qualified team of 9 employees at its Rostock site, has several patents pending and has left the laboratory scale with its perfusion bioprocess.

In addition, two funding projects with a total volume of more than EUR 1 million have already been acquired. Together with the University of Rostock, a production platform for recombinant proteins (FABA.BIO) is being set up and the first products are available.

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  • Laura Gertenbach CEO Innocent Meat

    Laura Gertenbach, CEO

  • “We are very pleased to have such an innovative and strong partner like the university of Rostock to make more sophisticated cultured meat products. Since we moved into the department Life, Light & Matter, we have made an excellent experience how academies and start-ups work hand in hand to create a sustainble value.”