Innocent Meat’s Expansion Media for Porcine Primary Cells.

Over the past few months, Innocent Meat has successfully formulated its proprietary FBS-free proliferation medium tailored for porcine primary (muscle) cells, a crucial step in the creation of cultured pork meat. In place of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), traditionally used in tissue engineering for its nutrient and growth factor richness but viewed as ethically and environmentally problematic due to its animal origin, we've developed our own growth factors through molecular farming techniques to solve this challenge.

We are thrilled to introduce our novel expansion medium to the cultivated meat industry and research institutions. This innovation marks a significant milestone in our journey toward producing delectable meat without the need for large-scale breeding and slaughter. Our approach involves the cultivation of stem cells within closed systems akin to brewery tanks. These cells are nurtured to reach the necessary biomass, and we've perfected the art of instructing them to transform into authentic muscle and fat tissue. This breakthrough overcomes the historical challenges of differentiating precursor cells for pork muscle and fat.

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