Take a look into our product pipeline: Animal-free differentiation media

Differentiation media for adipose tissue  

Cell differentiation, a fundamental biological process, enables undifferentiated cells to  transform into specific cell types, which is crucial for mimicking the complex structure of  meat. Differentiation media is therefore instrumental in replicating this process in cultivated  meat production, allowing us to create muscle and fat cells that constitute meat. We'll delve  into the results of our newly developed differentiation media and the potential advancements  in its development as we strive to revolutionise the food industry with sustainable, ethical  alternatives to traditional meat.  

Our key advantages of the (trans-) differentiation media are the following:  

  • animal free components  
  • shortened adipogenic maturation process  
  • compatible for adipogenic differentiation of various mesenchymal stem cells  

As you can see below, our proliferated myo-satellite cells are able to differentiate into mature  adipose tissue by adding our differentiation media after 10 days. 



Any questions? You want to test it? Reach out to us hello@innocent-meat.com and we put you on the waiting list.

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